Our story

Mr. Aman Raj, who was just 24 when he started a food start-up Chai . Chai Chuski bar is now one of the leading food joints at Indore and serves authentic Chai and Coffe. His venture has been awarded by groups. This inspiring story tells you about how a guy who didn’t take a single penny from his parents and expanded his business to 2outlets at the different corner of the city in the span of just a year. It was a very nice discussion about how one should enter the market. Read and get inspired.

  1. How did you end up opening this amazing tea venture- Chai Chuski Bar?

I always had this in my mind to set up a food venture once in my life. During the college days, I wanted to initiate something which is new to the people. There was my friend Abhishek Kumar (current partner) with whom I was very open and we share the same interest. In 2018.we thought of entering the market together. At that time we could see some market gap in the category of tea and coffee. There is only Chai which is probably taken by every Indian and that too daily. People start their day with a cup of Chai. Many of us don’t belong to Indore and are here for our studies or work and we have our Chai from outside. No one knows the quality and the hygiene level of the drink consumed. That’s when the idea came and we decided to open a venture-Chai Chuski Bar. A chain of Chai and Coffee with the foremost priority to serve the authentic tea in superior quality and at a very affordable rate. That’s how I started my journey as a foodpreneur with the first outlet of Chai Chuski Bar at Khandwa Naka main Road Ganesh nagar.

2) Why did you select only the food business?

As I said, I wanted to do something in the food line since the beginning. When we were looking at the market, Chai was the only thing we could find which is bought by every other person in the country. There is a very big market for such people and yes a huge profit for someone doing this business correctly. So for me, Chai is a very basic and important part of life and with this Chai, we made an entry to the industry.

3) What all problems you have faced since the start of this chai Chuski bar journey? And how did you manage to overcome it?

We have completed 13 months since the opening of the first outlet of Chai Chuski bar at khandwa naka main road Ganesh nagar. I have gone through a number of problems since the start of the idea.

I didn’t tell my parents that I am about to open up a food joint, so the first most thing that was on my way was the capital. How to raise the capital was the biggest issue. Luckily, my partner had some of the capital and some we had to borrow from the market and friends. We always had a plan and a budget to start our venture. But the budget went so high when we started that we didn’t have enough money to put up a board or display of Chai Chuski bar. There was no display for 1 to 1-1/2 months at our outlet. Slowly when we start to receive a good response we were able to overcome that.

The next problem which is one of the biggest problems in the food industry is the problem of staff. The problem with the staff is they switch very quickly. Whenever any café or food joint starts to work, there are a lot of people who try to know the secrets from your staff and offer money. I have hired only those people who are disabled, orphan or economically weak. We make them live with us. So this staffing problem reduced to zero as those employees never left us because they were more of attached emotionally to us.

4) You now have expanded your business to Two outlets? So what is your strategy to manage all of it?

We had two of our own and two we have as a franchise. We just had to provide the raw materials and ingredients to the franchise outlet. Technology has made things easier. We have cameras at every outlet of Chai Chuski bar and I monitor them personally on my phone.

Yes, it is quite difficult to manage a franchise outlet but my team makes sure that we hand over the brand to only those who have certain capabilities. I don’t want people criticizing or comparing any of my outlet from another.

5) What motivates you to constantly work hard and focus on your goals?

The most motivating thing to me is my social work. I have this commitment to hand over different-different outlets to every employee who is with me since the start. Also, there is a class of people or we call, the Prajapati’s of Indore. We take handmade Kulhads from them. Our team takes all the Kulhads starting from the nearby of Indore to the uttar pradesh. So that economic upliftment motivates me the most. The kids who use to help their parents in work now go to school just because of us.

6) What is your vision with Chai Chuski Bar?

I want Chai Chuski bar to be a global brand. Chai is one of the most selling drinks in India and even if we talk about the USA, coffee is one of the high selling drink. We have both products as our specialty. So for sure, we will try to expand globally and place at least an outlet at each country.

7) You only serve Chai but the venture name says Chai Chuski bar.

We had a great reason behind this. There is more like a style or in Indore, we call it as Hawa baazi when you drink Chai along with a cigarette. Chai Sutta is a famous slang and that’s how we got the name. But our concept is entirely different. Our concept is to give a fresh and great Chai without cigarettes.Somehow we wanted people to get out of the addiction of smoking. No one is allowed to sit inside and drink cigarettes at any of our outlets. The Chai sutta bar has a bar table as well where the people of Indore can show their style and swag with Chai and Coffee.

8) Who is your constant support?

I didn’t have much of the support from my parents. As I said I didn’t use even a single penny from my dad for starting this venture. It was my partner Abhishek who has supported me in everything in my business. Along with my partner, there were many friends who had an equal support. More than financially they have supported me emotionally.We have this team of the firm

Abhishek that works equally hard in the backhand. It is because of my team’s support that I am able to expand in such a small time.

9) What do you want to say about your entire journey as a foodpreneur?

I started my journey with nothing but now I have earned great words for my brand. We have been covered by many newspapers, e-papers, and radio. The best thing about this journey is the connections we have made. We get to meet some really inspiring people. My journey as a foodpreneur has just begun and I am very grateful to get such a response at this early stage of my life.

10) Till date, what is the most satisfying moment for you?

The great response at our outlets is among the most satisfying moments. Another great moment was the huge response on our outlet which we started outside the city (Jabalpur). Yes, it feels absolutely good when customers or the people appreciate about your hard-work personally.

11) Any advice you need to give to the young entrepreneurs who are looking up to you?

You should not quit anytime if you are doing a business. I will say start early and fail early. It is very important to take up an initiative. You need not succeed each time but at least you get to know about different things. You and your journey will succeed only after constant efforts.

The three most important factors for starting any food venture are Taste, Quality, and price.

12) How do you find this Initiative of us collecting foodpreneur stories?

This is a very necessary initiative as people these days jitter a lot to try. People should understand that they have to take a calculated risk. They don’t need to invest all the capital. So hopefully people will learn something from these stories and then take the decision in more bright and sharp way.

I will like to thank Mr. Abhishek Kumar for his time and support. You can visit his outlets Chai Chuski bar at khandwa naka main road Ganesh nagar, vijay nagar etc.